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Privacy Policy

This page explains our policy on the way we use your personal data and information gathered about the way you use this site.


Cookies are text files stored in your web browsers files space. These can contain any textual information that a web site wants to store and read back, the next time you visit their site. This is usually done in order to provide users with a "personalised" experience, for example, they can be used to "remember" the last page you visited, and bring you back to the same position the next time. This site does NOT use cookies and does not store any information in your web browser.

User names and passwords

There is no requirement on this site for a user to login, or provide any details about themselves in order to access the materials on offer.

Follow-up contact

Because this site provides an introduction to facilities and services that you may want to follow-up on, we have a "contacts" page, which asks you to provide some very basic information - minimum email and name. The information you provide to us may be store in computer files, spreadsheets, databases or other similar electronic format.

We may pass this information on to Realtor collegues in locations that you have shown an interest in.

We do NOT use this information for any unrelated marketing activity and do NOT sell or supply your details to outside marketing companies.

If you provide us your details via our electronic form, and later decide that you no longer require our services, simply contact us and say you wish to be removed from our system - either by phone, email of our on-line form.


No Cookies

No Login

No Hard-Sell

Just ask for your details to be removed from our system, at any time.

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