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OCP Workbooks for Nov 24 Workshop

Land Use and Development workbook

Climate, Action, Energy and Resources workbook

Economic Viability workbook

Natural Areas workbook

Transportation and Infrastructure workbook

Quality of Life workbook

Background Documents - Providing context to Whistler's current realities 

1976 Official Community Plan

Climate Action, Energy, Resources

BC Climate Action Charter-2007

Integrated Engergy, Air Quailty, & Greenhouse Gas Management Plan- 2004

GeoExchange Retrofit Study - 2005

Athlete Village District Heating Study- 2004

Summary of RMOW CAEE Commitments

Long-term Water Supply Plan- 2004

Sea to Sky TDM Study- 2003

Whistler Sustainabilty Energy Strategy- 2005

Whistler Demand Side Management Study- 2004



Arts, Cultural & Heritage Tourism Strategy- 2007-2009

BC Tourism Action Plan- 2007

Economic Impact of the Whistler Resort- 2002

Impact of the 2010 Olympics on the Vancouver and Sea-to-Sky Housing Markets- 2006

Long-term Financial Plan- 2009

Regional Economic Impact Assessment & Strategy For Arts, Culture & Heritage- 2008

Whistler Arts Organization and Facilities Review 2009

Whistler Cultural Landscape- An Inventory of Arts, Culture & Heritage Resources 2006

Whistler Event Tourism Strategy- 2008

Whistler Welcome Strategy Report- 2003


Land Use & Development

Blackcomb Phase V OCP- 1995

Draft Council Policy for Residual Bed Unit & Growth Management- 2005

Green Building Policy

Green Lake Golf Course Development

Lands North OCP- 1991

Non-cost Housing Initiatives Update- 2005

OCP Ammendment Bylaw No. 1021- 1993-2009

OCP Resort Land Trust Maps

Park Visions: A Recreational Masterplan for Whistler's Park Systems- 1996

RMOW Community Wildfire Protection Plan- 2005

RMOW Wildfire Risk Management System- 2005

RMOW Zoning & Parking Bylaw No. 303- 1983

South Whistler Comprehensive Development Strategy OCP- 2000

Sustainabilty & Whistler2020 Checklist for Rezoning and OCP Amendments

Tennis Reost OCP- 1991

Whistler Residential Accomodation Study for the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games- 2007

Whistler Village Access Audit- 2003

Whistler Village Density Policy Revised 2008

Whistler Village Design Guidelines

Whistler Village Enhancement Strategy- 2001

Whistler Village View Protection Guidelines- 2007

Resort Community Monitoring Report- 2003-04

1993 Comprehensive Development Plan Part 1

1993 Comprehensive Development Plan Part 2



Natural Environment

River Use Survey Report- 2006

AWARE Snowmobile Inventory- 2007

Environmental Impact Assessment Process

River of Golden Dream Watershed Management Plan- 2001

Whistler Biodiversity Project: Progress Report 2007



Cheakamus Leagacy Area Design Guidelines- 2007

Comparative Evaluation of Potential Resident Housing Site- 2004


Quality of Life

Measuring Up: Communities of Accessibility & Inclusion

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Resident Restricted Housing in Whistler- 2009

Sustainable Food and Agriculture Strategy for Whistler- 2005

WHA 2010 Business Financial Plan

Whistler2020 Vision Document- 2nd edition

Whistler Affordability Study- 2006

WHA Employer Housing Needs Assessment- 2009

Description of Success- All Strategies

Ipsos Reid Public Affairs Recreation and Physical Fitness Study- 2006


Transportation & Utilities

Liquid Waste Management Plan Update- 2004

Procedure for Approval: Consolidated Bylaw No. 265- 1981

SLRD Solid Waste Management Plan 2007

Whistler Recreational Cycling Plan 2006

Whistler Transportation Cycling Plan- 2006 Map

Whistler Transportation Cycling Plan- 2006


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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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