The Official Community Plan (OCP) for The Resort Municipality of Whistler


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Whistler residents and stakeholders provided clear direction to RMOW staff throughout the collaborative OCP update process:

The Whistler community consistently voiced key themes through the OCP update process. These themes resonate throughout this plan. Designed to meet Whistler's land use needs for the next five to ten years, the key themes of this OCP are:

  • Work together within a limited growth context;
  • Define, protect and enhance the Whistler Experience;
  • Implement Whistler2020;
  • Increase opportunities for accessibility, inclusion and aging in place;
  • Expand Whistler’s global reputation for responsible tourism; and
  • Promote economic diversification within Whistler’s tourism economy.

RMOW Council made the OCP update the highest post Olympic planning priority:

  • Over 1,500 residents were engaged in the update through backyard brainstorming sessions, five large community events and open houses, eight-chapter-specific OCP update working groups, council working sessions, youth-led community asset mapping, a meeting with second homeowners in North Vancouver and an Aging in Place Community Forum.  Add to this 35 committed Whistler citizens – ranging in age from 13 to retirement – who advised the RMOW on the OCP update through their crucial role on the Youth Advisory Group and Community Advisory Group.

What’s next for the OCP update?

  • Draft OCP Bylaw presented to Council for first reading November 15, 2011.
  • Following first reading, OCP consultations will move forward as the plan continues to be shaped through ongoing collaboration and commitment. This includes consultations with the RMOW and: Whistler citizens and stakeholders, First Nations, School District 48, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, and the Province of BC;
  • Information from consultation process is integrated into Draft OCP update, where appropriate;
  • It is anticipated that Council will receive the OCP for second reading in early 2012.
  • A public hearing and third reading will occur before the Draft OCP update is presented to RMOW Council as a bylaw for adoption.

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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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