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What is an Official Community Plan?

The Official Community Plan (OCP) is about regulating and implementing shared community directions. These directions will guide Whistler's development and meet its anticipated needs over the next five years and beyond in support of our Whistler2020 vision to be the premier mountain resort community - as we move toward sustainability.

The OCP is a provincially-mandated regulatory document and set of high-level plans and policies, such as land use designations that guide land use planning, social, economic, and environmental policies, and civic infrastructure investments.

Whistler's OCP was last comprehensively updated in 1993, although amendments to the document have been made continually, and a vast amount of functional policy has been developed over the last 17 years.

The OCP update will be a collaborative process, with the community involved in every step of the way.

What must an OCP include:

  • Land use maps and designations
  • Approximate location and type of present and proposed public facilities, schools, parks, waste treatment and disposal sites
  • Housing types, locations, density, with policies on affordable, rental and special needs housing
  • Location and phasing of major road, sewer and water systems
  • Restrictions on use of land subject to hazardous conditions and environmental sensitivity
  • Targets, policies, and actions for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction

What an OCP may include:

  • Social needs, including arts and culture policies
  • Preservation and protection of the natural environment, ecosystems and biodiversity 
  • Local Area Plans, eg. Neighbourhood Concept Plans
  • Temporary Use Permit Areas and Development Permit Areas
  • Identification of "Special Areas" eg. Heritage Conservation Areas, Density Bonus Areas for affordable housing, green buildings, etc.
  • Other Matters: From Section 877.1 of the Local Government Act: "(g) other matters that may, in respect of any plan, be required or authorized by the minister."

Whistler2020 and the OCP Update

The OCP is one important tool which will help to implement Whistler2020, Whistler's comprehensive sustainability plan and vision. The OCP update will allow Whistler to answer important questions about its future, as it moves forward post-Games.

The OCP doesn't replace Whistler 2020; the two documents work together. Whistler 2020 is Whistler's highest-level policy and guide for the OCP update. The OCP provides the regulatory framework for Whistler2020 policy and is one of the tools for implementing Whistler 2020 and formally protecting Whistler's vision.

Have your say! Email [email protected] with your ideas and comments on the Official Community Plan update. Take a few minutes to complete the OCP Website Questionnaire. Your feedback will help us to improve this site.  


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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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