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The OCP and Whistler 2020

The OCP doesn't replace Whistler 2020; the two documents actually work together. Whistler 2020 is Whistler's highest level policy and guide for the OCP update. Together they will articulate and enshrine our resort community's vision and values and shared commitment to collectively maintain a resilient, four season tourism economy.

The Whistler 2020 community vision: "To be the premier mountain resort community - as we move toward sustainability" is the filter through which the OCP is updated, serving as the overarching guide throughout the OCP process. Because Whistler2020 takes a systemic view of our community and the globe, where the economy, environment and society are completely interreleated, using it to guide the OCP update provides unlimited latitude for OCP update creativity and progression in support of our shared community vision. 

The last comprehensive OCP update was in 1993. In the meantime, dozens of functional policies have been developed through the day to day operations of the RMOW and are working right now. Through this update, these will be built into the OCP. Whistler has also been busy developing and implementing Whistler 2020, as well as preparing and hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In the future, the RMOW plans to update the OCP every five years, a best practice recommended by the Province.

The OCP update is an exciting way for Whistler to move forward post-Games and this process begins with you. Click here to have your say in Whistler's Official Community Plan. Take a few minutes to complete the OCP Website Questionnaire. Your feedback will help us to improve this site.  


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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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