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The Official Community Plan Update Haiku Challenge

The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) teamed up with the Whistler Arts Council at the 2010 ArtWalk Function Junction Block pARTy, which took place on the evening of August 6th. This was the second step in an inter-generational community engagement program to get community input into the OCP update that started at the Whistler Children’s Art Festival last month. 

All 107 pieces from the Children’s Art Festival were displayed as an art show entitled “My Favourite Place in Whistler” by the kids who showed up and made art. Function Artwalkers, inspired by the Children’s art, were given pen and paper and asked to write a haiku about their favourite piece of art or their favourite place in Whistler. These light verses are to capture the passion people have for this place. 

The Haikus

Lost Lake calls to me
A quest, to seek those long gone
Life's short, live well now.

Heidi Rode
Whistler, BC


Love the Vill with sun
Can’t get enough of the peeps
Wish this was for evs

Jen Gibson


Sitting at Lost Lake
Swimming in the blue water
Laughing with my friends

South Australia


Ski and hike them
Bears are awake now
Mountains have life

Theresa Oswald


Valley to the top
Magic of the people
Always felt like home

Ryan Brown


Logger’s Lake
Secret, quiet, closed
Sun shine, fish jump, they swing; splash
Thank goodness I Log

Kajsa Heyes


I hike mountain peaks
Inspiration from up high
Altitude then beer

Diana Mulvey


Write a good haiku
About my favorite place here
No problem, it’s done!

Stephen Vogler


Lost Lake is my place
Sunny days in idle thought
Misty mountain dreams

Shelly Quinn


Cold shivering
White powder blast in my face
Sweet tinge of glee

Melanie Jones


The lake looks so fine
Everyone gives a high-five
When we at Wayside!

Casmella Varjo


The sun filters down 
Softly it permeates leaves
The forest is calm

Jon Van Drunen


Sunny days are fun
By water all day long
Beach beach beach

Leah Corner


Stone Bridge lots are grande
But we are not allowed there
Cause they are private

Jessica Meadows


Dock on Alta Lake
Reach out to sun and mountains
Lazy day is here

Leanna Rathkelly


My Garden 
I grow cause I can
My plants raise faces to the sky
They bloom, I smile, yay

Lesley Byford


Hush hush breath blackbird
Silhouette against the night sky
Basalt, cedar, I

Sarah Wilson


A place so beautiful
That looks azure valley
The lookout I love



Soul Funktion
Dancing is a thing
I love, so take me, please
To Soul Funktion! Yay!

Eva V.H.


Farmers Market
Bustling, busy!
Surprises everywhere
Stalls full of delight


Spotted from Wayside
The quest to find the big chairs
Found. We become kids
The two chairs are huge
They make us look like kids. Take
A picture of me!


Lost Lake beach chaos
Sun sets late. Trees offer shade.
Perfect reading nook

Emma Dal Santo








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