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The Official Community Plan (OCP) is about regulating and implementing shared community directions. These directions will guide Whistler's development and meet its anticipated needs over the next five years and beyond in support of our Whistler2020 vision to be the premier mountain resort community - as we move toward sustainability.

The year-long update process is phased. Your input is important. Get Involved today.

Phase 1 - January to March 2010
Project scoping

Phase 2 - April 2010
Meet with Council
Confirm timeframe
Confirm work plan

Phase 3 - April to August 2010
Review current RMOW policies and strategies
Policy and plan gap analysis
Council workshop
Develop Community Advisory Group
Initiate community engagement
Issues identification and recommendations
Consultant studies undertaken
Report to Council

Phase 4 - September to December 2010
Review consultant studies
"Made in Whistler" OCP alternatives
Community feedback
OCP Community Working Groups
Update Whistler2020 Descriptions of Success
Report to Council

Phase 5 - January to March 2011
Prepare draft OCP
Draft mapping
Community workshops to review draft OCP
Report to Council

Phase 6 - April to August 2011
OCP update Open House on draft policies and prioritizing Whistler’s assets
Community Advisory Group & RMOW Council Workshop
Development Permit Area Guidelines Engagement
Editor and Legal Consultations
Final integration of all community and professional comments on draft OCP

Phase 7 - September to December 2011
Statutory approval process
Submit regional context statement to Squamish Lillooet Regional District
OCP draft referrals
Pubic hearing
Provincial approval
Ministerial approval
RMOW Council Adoption

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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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