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Whistler Centre for Sustainability

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability (WCS) will lead the community engagement component of the WhistlerOCP update, getting you involved in your OCP update. WCS manages the Whistler2020 comprehensive sustainability plan and process on behalf of the Whistler community.

Through the Whistler2020 community task force process, WCS staff have facilitated the creation of over 600 grassroots community actions in support of our shared Whistler2020 vision. It is this grassroots, community engagement experience that will make Whistler's OCP update a viable document that will help shape our community over the next five years.

What is the Whistler Centre for Sustainability?

The WCS is a mission-driven enterprising non-profit organization, providing community sustainability planning services and implementation support for local governments in BC and worldwide.

The Centre also actively works with the community of Whistler to continually implement best practices and foster a learning ground for residents and visitors alike.

The Whistler Centre for Sustainability has positioned Whistler globally as a leader in sustainable practices, developing and sharing pilot projects, training, and resources.

The mission of the Whistler Centre for Sustainability:
"To lead communities and tourism toward a sustainable future"

The Centre's award-winning team provides programming to its clients in these specific areas:

  • Facilitating a shared vision; developing a sustainability plan and process
  • Energy and emissions management: measurement, conservation and investment analysis, planning and reduction strategies
  • Development of key sustainability performance indicators, including monitoring and reporting tools
  • Proven community engagement strategies leading to action 
  • On-the-ground implementation support
  • Governance and decision-making tools to align with sustainability plan

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What is Whistler 2020?

What is Whistler 2020?

Whistler2020 is our shared vision and plan for continued success to the year 2020

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