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Whistler gets to host the world!

Over 27 days in February 2010, Whistler residents get to host a once-in-a-lifetime celebration like no other. The celebration will start at the crack of dawn and wrap up each night with a bang – literally!  We have an opportunity to bring together our community and welcome athletes, fellow Canadians and visitors from across the globe for an extraordinary Games experience. Whistler's ready to shine.

The vision of hosting the Games has been a long-time coming. In the early 1960s, a group of Vancouver businessmen began dreaming big Dreams. They wanted the 1968 Winter Games to take place in British Columbia. After thoroughly exploring the rugged Coast Mountain range north of Vancouver, they found the perfect mountain (then called London Mountain). Even though the 1968 Winter Games were awarded to Grenoble, France, the businessmen decided to continue developing a ski hill on London Mountain. On February 14, 1966 the newly renamed Whistler Mountain officially opened for skiers. While the resort made several more bids for the Olympic Winter Games over the years, it took nearly 40 years for Whistler to finally make its Olympic dreams come true when the Games were awarded in July 2003. 

Not only will we host 27 days of events of elite sports competition, Whistler has the privilege of recognizing the world's best winter athletes at nightly Victory Ceremonies right in the Village. More than half the medals to be awarded at the Games will be won at Whistler's three Olympic and Paralympic venues, and Whistler residents will have an opportunity to be there in the crowd watching live or on the big screen.. Part of six integrated Whistler Live ! sites along our pedestrian Village Stroll, the Whistler Medals Plaza, will be alive with medal presentations every evening during the Games. It's also the site for the Closing Ceremonies of the Paralympic Games.

For Whistler, it's about sharing the Olympic dream, having fun and celebrating this community, country and the spirit of the Games.  It's about creating welcoming, celebratory and diverse experiences that will not only make beautiful memories, but will bring visitors back for more long after the Games.


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