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Whistler Medals Plaza

History will unfold at the Whistler Medals Plaza during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games as athletes realize Olympic dreams and Whistler celebrates along with them.

After every Whistler-based event the world will gather to watch athletes receive their medals at the Whistler Medals Plaza, located in the heart of Whistler Village. In fact, more than half of the Olympic medals in 2010 will be awarded in Whistler, marking the first time a mountain host venue has been given such an honour.

The Whistler-based medal presentations also ensure Olympic broadcasters will televise the nightly medals ceremonies and provide greater profile to Whistler and all the programming presented at the site.

Along with medal presentations, the Whistler Medals Plaza will host nightly concerts as well as the Paralympic Closing Ceremony.

There's no denying the Whistler Medals Plaza will be busy in 2010 but the excitement isn't going anywhere after the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Whistler Medals Plaza is actually designed to be a lasting legacy for generations to come. Following the Games, the plaza will be transformed into an outdoor gathering place for residents and visitors, featuring an open grass lawn, amphitheatre seating, an expanded children's play area with a water feature, and outdoor performance spaces.

The plaza will also include a Legacy Plaza, featuring Olympic and Paralympic memorabilia, such as the Olympic cauldron and installations to recognize the contributions of athletes, medal winners, volunteers, government agencies, and partner organizations involved in Whistler's journey to host the 2010 Winter Games.

This monumental project is the result of partnerships. Capital funding from the partners for the construction of the $13.67 million

Whistler Medals Plaza includes $4.2 million from VANOC, $5 million from the Government of Canada, $4.02 million from the RMOW through the hotel tax, and $450,000 from charitable organizations.

Leading up to 2010, crews have been busy with site preparation and servicing to accommodate the staging of Games-time events. For now, the RMOW's priority is getting this initial phase completed in order to provide a focal point for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games experience.

The Whistler Medals Plaza will be more than a venue it will be a long term gathering place for Whistler's locals and visitors alike.

Centerpiece of Whistler Live! Program

As mentioned above the Whistler Medals Plaza is designed to be an anchor in 2010. In fact, it will be the centerpiece of the Whistler Live! Program - a unique Whistler experience created in partnership with the Government of Canada, Whistler Arts Council RMOW and VANOC.

For detailed information on the Whistler Live! Program, click here.

Getting Ready for the Games

Construction is now underway to get the Whistler Medals Plaza ready for 2010. Phase one preparations are the first of many and include preloading, settlement and installation of permanent site services including ground preparation for VANOC's use during the Winter Games.

Much of this infrastructure will be utilized by VANOC during the Winter Games and will be available as a permanent asset to support performances in the Medals Plaza following the Games.

To keep residents and visitors informed during construction, information signs are posted on the fencing surrounding Whistler Medals Plaza. The boards provide construction updates and information about the community vision for the space. You can learn about site servicing , which includes the installation of water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, power, communications, and data infrastructure.

Pre-Games preparations also include the construction of approximately 60% of a brand new inclusive playground. Plans for the playground are extensive so only a portion of the new playground will be built prior to the Games and a portion immediately following the Games.
It won't be your average playground. It will be accessible to all children with added features for children with disabilities. The playground also features a tree house structure, a wild wood playhouse, swings and other sensory and play equipment.

Approximately 45 per cent of the funding for the playground is from charities. The entire playground will be completed in the summer of 2010 after the Games.

Games Time- September 2009 to April 2010

Once pre-Games construction is complete, it's show time. VANOC will set up temporary Games features prior to the Games; install performance spaces, seating and security fencing for the Games; and take down temporary features post-Games. This work will be funded by VANOC.

2010 and beyond

After the 2010 Games are completed, crews will be busy transforming the Whistler Medals Plaza into a lasting community amenity. It will be time to finish the playground, construct the legacy plaza and the amphitheatre as well as provide landscaping.  The reopening of the plaza will include a community celebration and coincide with the first Whistler Medals Plaza performance series.

Construction on the Medals Plaza leading up to and after the 2010 Games will have paved the way for the future. The first two phases of construction provide base infrastructure and the potential for future elements. These elements require further study and are currently unfunded but could include a recreational skating amenity, mixed-use and institutional buildings.


The Whistler Medals Plaza project is the result of an extensive community engagement process to establish a collective vision and guiding principles for development, reflecting the long-standing intention of the resort community to develop this site as an important place within the social fabric of Whistler. The Resort Municipality of Whistler recognizes the following partners for their exceptional contributions to this project: Government of Canada, Province of BC and VANOC


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