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Garbage and Recycling in Whistler at Games Time

The Whistler Waste Transfer Station is located on Callaghan Valley Road 15 km south of Whistler off Highway 99.

Since the closure of Whistler's municipal landfill and the old transfer station near Function Junction in late 2007, unrecyclable solid waste has been separated and compacted at Whistler's new Waste Transfer Station and transported to a more environmentally sound landfill site (the Robanco landfill) in Washington State.

Commercial garbage, construction debris, landscaping and wood waste, and large household items, which cannot be accommodated at the Nesters and Function Junction residential garbage, recycling, and composting depots, must be delivered to the Waste Transfer Station.

The Waste Transfer Station is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm  Tipping Fees apply.

Materials that are accepted at the Waste Transfer Station:

  • Garbage
  • Plant and grass clippings
  • Commercial waste
  • Demolition and construction waste
  • Gypsum board drywall (must be kept separate from other materials)
  • Discarded or abandoned vehicles or parts thereof
  • Septage screenings
  • Tires
  • Home and industrial appliances

Clean wood waste (including branches over 2" diameter; clean logs free of rocks; wood without nails, screws, glue, stain, or chemical treatment; chipped tree trimmings; clean sawdust, shavings, wood chips, or hog fuel)

Organic waste (residential drop-off is also available at the garbage, recycling, and composting depots at Function Junction and Nester's)

Separated recyclable materials (glass, tin, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.) and unused paint (non-commercial volumes only) can be recycled at the Waste Transfer Station at no charge.


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