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Guiding Principles for the Games

In July 2001, Whistler Council adopted Whistler's Guiding Principles for involvement in the bid for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. These were the conditions under which Whistler would support the Games, and are used to guide our decisions through the process to help deliver the Games.

  • Be consistent with and guided by Whistler 2020 - Moving Toward a Sustainable Future, the Comprehensive Sustainability Plan.
  • Be proactive in integrating sustainability considerations throughout the planning and staging of the Games.
  • Be ethical and transparent.
  • Recognize the municipality as a partner in the planning and staging of the Games.
  • Operate the Games within a balanced budget.
  • Ensure that an endowment fund is created that is sufficient to support the ongoing operation of the Nordic and sliding centres post Games.
  • Ensure limited financial exposure to the municipality.
  • Respect the character of the resort community.
  • Create legacies that are of lasting value to Whistler residents, businesses and the community.
  • Engage in open and timely communication.
  • Work collaboratively to help create successful Games.

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