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Sea to Sky Highway Driving During the 2010 Winter Games

What is the Sea to Sky Checkpoint?

In order to handle the significant increase in traffic heading north on Highway 99 during the Games, the Ministry of Transportation is establishing a Sea to Sky Checkpoint north of Squamish at the Alice Lake turn off. The Sea to Sky Checkpoint will affect northbound traffic during the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm (peak hours) from February 11 to 28, 2010.

The Sea to Sky Checkpoint is not a security checkpoint and will not be in effect during the Paralympic Games.

Anyone travelling outside the peak hours will not require a checkpoint permit, but as public parking in Whistler will be significantly reduced, motorists should confirm their parking arrangements before driving to Whistler. For more information on parking restrictions, click here.

For more questions, please contact [email protected].

How will the Sea to Sky Checkpoint effect my travel to Whistler between February 11 to 28, 2010?

People travelling in private vehicles during the hours of 6:00am to 6:00pm will need a permit to pass through the Sea to Sky Checkpoint. Two (2) permits will be issued per household. VANOC will be mailing permits directly to Whistler property owners in mid-November 2009. Permits are fully transferable and it is the property owner's responsibility to distribute their Sea-to-Sky Checkpoint Permits to their tenants or guests.

Permits are not required for vehicles travelling south.

If a permit is not mailed to me, how do I obtain one?

Pre-Games Permit Offices will be established and operational from December 14, 2009 through January 29, 2010. Games-time Permit Offices will be established and operational from February 1 through February 28, 2010, at the following locations:


  • 450 West Broadway @ Cambie (pre-Games only)


  • ICBC Claims Centre @ 38919 Progress Way
  • VANOC Volunteer Centre @ 2-40437 Tantalus Rd


  • Municipal Hall @ 4325 Blackcomb Way


  • Old Community Centre @ 7567 Pemberton Meadows Road

For more information on the Sea to Sky Checkpoint, you can download the backgrounder here.


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