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Whistler Community Arts Programs

Sport, Culture and the Environment are the three pillars of the Olympic movement and Whistler is celebrating the three in a unique, collaborative approach. The Games are an important catalyst in unifying and building capacity within our arts, culture and heritage communities. They help emphasize the importance of the arts in diversifying Whistler's and the Sea-to-Sky Corridor's community and economy.

The Whistler Arts Council (WAC) is a registered charity established in 1982 with a mandate to build and integrate arts into Whistler. Members of the Whistler Arts Council have participated in our community planning process, Whistler 2020, since 2003 to ensure our shared community vision includes the arts, supports Sea-to-Sky Corridor artists and contributes to a vibrant future.

The Whistler Arts Council is leading Whistler's Games-time cultural initiative, which broadly defines arts, culture and heritage. During the Games, an inspiring celebration of the arts will be showcased at six venues along the Village Stroll with live music, digital art and photography, street performances, and art exhibitions.

The Whistler Arts Council is working with the Whistler Live! team to produce programming that encompasses the Sea-to-Sky Corridor culture, along with national and international talent while seamlessly integrating these events into a unique Games experience.

Part of Whistler Live! includes Whistler Medals Plaza , which will feature nightly celebrations as well as the Closing Ceremonies for the Paralympic Games. Following the Games, Whistler Medals Plaza will be transformed into an outdoor gathering place for residents and visitors, featuring a Great Lawn, amphitheatre, children's play area, and performance space; becoming a permanent venue for recreation, community celebrations, arts and culture.

Arts and Culture Events to watch for:

  • Whistler Winter Arts Festival
  • Whistler Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay Community Event
  • Pre-Games Sports Events Participation
  • History of Whistler's Journey to 2010
  • Whistler Live!
  • Celebration 2011
  • Games-time ArtWalk
  • Artists creating live on the Stroll
  • Core Shots Screen Photography
  • Street Entertainment
  • Mountain-Based Art (Gobos)
  • School Media Arts Program

Visit the Whistler Arts Council for updates:


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