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Busy Mom

Busy Mom tries to keep some balance with day-to-day and Games excitement

Sitting at breakfast with the kids, mom enjoys a coffee and goes online quickly to www.whistler2010.com for any Games time updates that may affect her day. Looks like the peak travel times are 9 am to 4 pm and 10 pm to midnight today so best to plan around these busy periods. Mom also checks the evening programming scheduled at the WhistlerLive! venues in the heart of the village. The kids are buzzing and talking excitedly about meeting mascots Sumi and Miga at the medals presentation last night. They are dying to get a hug from Quatchi if they can catch him.

Mom coordinates with the kids' friends' parents and heads out to pick up their buddies to carpool to Meadow Park for a morning skate. When she drops off their pals after the skate , she'll also confirm their carpool schedule for next week when the kids are back in school. Happy she stocked up on groceries before the rush; she'll get snacks together to take with them on their day. After a nap and lunch at home, mom and the kids plan on heading into the village. She bought everyone a BC Transit's Olympic Pass as stocking stuffers. The passes are transferable and with the bus coming every few minutes, getting to the village is easy. Today, they're heading in to catch some shows at Whistler Live! and later that night they get to meet up with dad for that evening's victory ceremony.

She sets aside her camera, the Whistler Games Planner, the free victory ceremonies tickets they reserved online a while ago and reminds dad of their meeting place tonight for 6:30, when the festivities at Whistler Medals Plaza are set to start. Since dad works in the village and bused in this morning, she'll see if he can pick up their photos from the Torch Relay before they meet. The kids put some finishing touches on their colourful GO FOR GOLD, BRITT! banners and pack their Canadian flags to take along to the evening's festivities.

Daily Planning Checklist:

  • Check the BC Transit Games time schedule
  • Check www.whistler2010.com for the latest Whistler Live! schedule
  • Meadow Park is open regular hours during the 2010 Winter Games
  • Important things to pack for your day include: a change of clothes (layers), snacks, the Games Planner, and of course, your bus pass.
  • Plan ahead and pad your schedule with extra time for travel
  • In Village Square, CTV daily live broadcasts along with integrated screens throughout the Village Stroll will keep you in the know

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Help Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi with their neighbourhood recycling program!

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