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Whistler Renting: Temporary Commercial Use Permits

A Temporary Commercial Use Permit (TCUP) enables the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) to approve temporary accommodation to house Games workforce in areas where the Zoning Bylaw does not allow temporary accommodation. Housing Games workforce (media, volunteers, paid staff, and contractors associated with the Games) in Whistler is a critical component of hosting extraordinary Games. The TCUP is designed to make private homes in Whistler neighbourhoods available for rent to Games workforce, should the owner be interested in renting.

Accommodation TCUPs will only permit short-term rentals to Games workforce. These will be for a specified length of time. Only Tourist Accommodation zoned properties in Whistler are permitted to provide nightly tourist rentals

How long will the TCUP be in effect?

The Workforce TCUP will expire at the end of the contract for workforce accommodation as will be noted on the permit.

What will ensure that Whistler residents are not displaced with the issuance of a TCUP?

Protecting workforce accommodation is a priority for the RMOW. This means that many checks and balances will be done prior to a TCUP application being approved.

Applicants will have to provide a signed statutory declaration they have not, or are not displacing a tenant. An exception may be made if a tenant provides written notification that he/she is voluntarily leaving the premise for the Games period.

There will be a voluntary registry of tenants who do not want to be evicted or displaced. To access the tenant registry, renters should send an email to renters at whistler dot ca with their name, address, details of their lease and as many tenancy details as possible, as soon as possible.    

What classes of dwelling units are not eligible for a TCUP?

  1. Rental suites, dwelling units that are subject to a housing agreement or a restriction to occupancy by employees, dwelling units that are subject to a residential tenancy agreement, or are occupied by employees at the time of permit application, or within the preceding 12 months of the Games.
  2. Dwelling units that are subject to a prohibition on tourist accommodation uses in any restrictive covenant, building scheme or strata corporation bylaw.
  3. Dwelling units that have any outstanding violation of the B.C. Building Code or the RMOW Building Bylaw.

How is the application processed?

Once an application has been completed and submitted, RMOW will conduct the following checks on the application.

  1. Has the property owner had a tenant in the last year?
  2. Has the property owner refused to extend the lease of a tenant in the last year?
  3. Is the dwelling unit subject to a housing agreement or a restriction to occupancy by employees?
  4. Is there a contract in place with an approved Games workforce client?
  5. What, if any, public comments have been received on the application?
  6. Is there a history of illegal renting?

If the application fails to meet the appropriate checks, then the application will be denied. In this way, the RMOW is doing all it can to ensure Whistler workforce are not displaced during the Games.

Apply for a Temporary Commercial Use Permit

Download the permit application form and submit to the RMOW. Applications will be accepted until December 1, 2009. Applications will be accepted after this time; however, there may be delays in processing them. 

The TCUP application can only be made by the property owners, or an authorized agent of the owner. The application must include:

  1. A signed statutory declaration endorsed by a commissioner for taking affidavits.
  2. The statutory declaration confirms that no tenant has been evicted or refused to renew or extend an existing residential tenancy agreement in order to have the premises vacant during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
  3. The applicant must also provide evidence that the renters are Games workforce.

Failure to secure a TCUP and follow the stipulations of the permit will result in fines.
For more information on Games workforce accommodations please contact accommodation at vancouver2010 dot com.

For use of the Whistler interactive map, which provides property legal plan number, Zoning and PID Number please visit the Municipality's Whistler Maps.


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