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Temporary Commercial Use Permits (TCUP)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

When is a TCUP required for accommodation?

A TCUP is required by property owners, whose properties are located in zones that do not permit temporary accommodation and who wish to provide temporary accommodation for Games workforce. Click here to determine your zoning. If you are zoned residential you will need a TCUP to rent your home to Games workforce. Check zoning here.

What will an accommodation TCUP allow?

Currently, any property not zoned for nightly rentals can only legally be rented to residents. The owners of properties not currently zoned for temporary accommodation in Whistler will be able to apply for an accommodation TCUP to rent to Games workforce, primarily required by VANOC, in most cases for periods of less than 30 days.

Will accommodation TCUPs allow for nightly tourist rentals?

No. Accommodation TCUPs will only permit short-term rentals to Games workforce – individuals in Whistler and working for the Games. These will be for a specified length of time. Only Tourist Accommodation zoned properties in Whistler are permitted to provide nightly tourist rentals. 

If my property is zoned for nightly rentals and I am interested in renting it out during the Games, who should I contact?

It is important to point out that VANOC works primarily with property management companies to streamline the process of securing large blocks of units and to ensure the service levels provided meet the standards of VANOC's clients.

Unlike private property owners, the role of property managers is to have well-established processes in place ensuring the service expectations of guests are met (e.g. changing sheets, delivering keys, providing check-in/ checkout, 24-hour contact, etc.). 

Those property owners who are currently working with a property management company or an owner-direct service are encouraged to speak with their service provider to confirm their units are being made available for booking in the lead-up to, during and after the Games period.
Those property owners who are zoned for nightly rentals, who do not typically rent to visitors via a property manager, and are interested in renting out during the 2010 Winter Games are encouraged to contact Judy Ameli, Senior Sales Manager at whistler.com, judy at whistler dot com Given the unique nature of the accommodation demand during Games-time, www.whistler.com will be compiling details regarding an inventory of single property owners who are zoned for nightly rental (but do not have a property manager/ owner-direct service provider) to help determine potential opportunities for their participation in the accommodation offerings during the Winter Games period.

I live in resident restricted housing. Can I get a TCUP to rent out my place during the Games?

No. Resident restricted housing is not permitted to rent out to Games workforce.

What kind of enforcement will be in place to ensure people don't break the zoning bylaws?

It is anticipated that during the Games there will be additional bylaw enforcement and penalties ranging from fines to lawsuits. The RMOW is currently developing a business regulation policy which will be established by late 2009.

If accommodation providers do not secure Games-time rentals now, what can they expect?

Past Games experience shows that accommodation providers, who delay getting involved with the Organizing Committee's official accommodations program, are forced to reduce their rates, as these rooms quickly become part of a surplus inventory. What's more, past Games experience indicate that the length of stay drastically shortens as Games-time approaches and there is a risk of having their property sit empty during the Olympic Games period (February 12 – 28, 2010).

Property owners interested in renting their property during for Games Workforce can contact VANOC at: accommodation at vancouver2010 dot com.


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