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Powder Dude

Dude is determined to get into the powder and catch some Ski Cross at Cypress

Barely awake, Powder Dude speed dials the snow phone and realizes he had better get moving since the snow gods dropped 20 cm of fresh pow'! He grabs a powerbar, his gear and his Games Planner, hops onto the Creekside express from the new Bayshores Community route, making it to the village in 20 minutes to upload at Blackcomb. While on the bus he checks out which runs are closed. Too bad about Jimmy's Joker being closed but the good news is that 90% of the mountain is open.

Riding up the gondi, he sends a text to his buddy to see if they should drive or take a coach bus to Vancouver for this weekend's Men Ski Cross event at Cypress. He can't believe that Davey Barr, a Squamish athlete, will be racing and could be on the podium tomorrow night. If they drive, he needs to get the Sea to Sky checkpoint for their drive back to Whistler and he'll have to go online to www.translink.ca find the best place to park and ride in Vancouver. Looking into it a bit more they all decide to take the Greyhound down to the city and from there they take the Olympic Bus Network to Cypress. Cypress is one of those venues where there's no public transit to it and so everyone who goes to Cypress has to take the Olympic Bus Network - easier to leave the car at home.

After cutting fresh tracks all over Blackcomb, he takes the Peak to Peak over to Whistler Mountain, rips down a few runs on Peak Chair, and then sails down to the village to wrap up an epic day. From the base of Whistler he takes the bus back to Bayshores (it takes no time at all because he's wrapping up around 3:00 pm and beats the crowds). He's glad the BC Transit Olympic Pass have unlimited use and is transferable, since he's got a massive week planned with action every day, but can give it to his housemate to use when he's down in the city.

After a quick change and some fuel, he throws on his puffy, his 'ASK ME, I'm a Local' button and sic red maple leaf toque that grandma knit, then joins his buddies to head back into the village. Checking his phone, a friend sent a photo of himself enjoying a cold one at Austria Passive House — looks like a perfect place to start. They are stoked to have met some lovely Norwegian girls who'll meet them for tonight's Whistler Live! gigs: Village Square to catch some live music, Mountain Square for CTV's live broadcast and Skiers Plaza for late Fire & Ice show.

Commuters, plan your day:

  • Check the BC Transit Games time schedule
  • Check www.whistler2010.com for the latest Whistler Live! schedule
  • Creekside Gondola will be closed to the public February 1 - March 1
  • Peak to Creek is open through the Games (weather permitting)
  • Prepare for your day! Change of clothes, snacks, Games Planner, meeting points and -- pad your schedule with extra time for travel.
  • Most municipal services will operate on a regular schedule
  • In Village Square, CTV daily live broadcasts along with integrated screens throughout the Village Stroll will keep you in the know
  • Keep active so you will have the energy to cheer on our Athletes!

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Life on the Mountains

90% of terrain will remain open on Whistler Blackcomb during the 2010 Winter Games

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