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Garbage and Recycling in Whistler at Games Time


Residential garbage pick-up is not provided by the municipality in Whistler, because open garbage causes significant problems for wildlife in our community.  Residents can drop off garbage and recycling at two garbage, recycling, and composting depots:

  • 8001 Nester's Road (north end of Whistler)
  • Function Junction (south end of Whistler)

The depots are managed by Carney's waste on behalf of the municipality.

Commercial garbage, construction debris, landscaping and wood waste, and large household items must be deposited at the Whistler Waste Transfer Station located on Callaghan Valley Road 15 kilometres south of Whistler.

Garbage and recycling must be stored indoors or in an approved wildlife resistant container or wildlife resistant storage area at all times.


Accepted items for the recycling bins include:

  • Newsprint
  • Mixed paper
  • Clean cardboard
  • Plastics #1 - 7
  • Plastic bags
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Car batteries


The Resort Municipality of Whistler began operation of a municipal composting facility in November 2008. This facility composts biosolids from Whistler's wastewater treatment, residential and commercial organic waste, and wood waste. The closed system composter will divert waste from the landfill, effectively treat Whistler's biosolids, provide an opportunity for businesses and residents to compost organic waste, and produce a number of high quality soil amendments for sale.

The depots are managed by Carney's waste on behalf of the municipality. The following materials are accepted for residential drop-off:

  • Fruits, vegetables, plant stalks, peelings
  • All food scraps, bones, meat, fish, dairy, nuts, bakery discards, nuts, pasta, cereal, sauces
  • Flowers and houseplants
  • Coffee ground with filter and tea bags          
  • Biodegradable cornstarch containers
  • Wood stir sticks
  • Soiled paper napkins
  • Sawdust, woodchips, and shavings (no cedar)

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